MA in Counseling

The student learning outcomes for the MA in counseling support the development of students as competent counselors in training. Our professional graduate degree program is divided into the following areas of emphasis with unique course requirements for each:

  • The Clinical Mental Health Counseling emphasis is a 60 credit hour degree program and is the primary emphasis pursued by our counseling students. The curriculum is for persons wanting to practice all types of counseling.

  • The Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling emphasis is a 60 credit hour degree program and provides instruction in core counseling with additional coursework in working with couples, families, and children. This emphasis is for persons wishing to work primarily with families. It is a specialty form of counseling and typically requires a longer path toward licensure and works with a smaller market.

  • The Community Counseling emphasis is a 48 credit hour degree program that provides a general counseling curriculum. It is for persons desiring to work in community settings. 

  • The Family Life Counseling emphasis is a 45 credit hour specialty degree program created for our US Army chaplains.  It is offered only at our Fort Bragg campus. 

For more emphasis information and program requirements, visit the graduate catalog.