Getting to Graduation

Checklist for Graduating Seniors

1. Even before the semester that you plan to graduate, it's a good idea to check the graduation date on your degree audit. If it's not correct, call the registrar's office at 314-968-7450 to have it changed.

2. Make sure you're enrolled in ENGL 4600 Portfolio Review (0 credit hours) in your final semester.

3. Turn in a petition to graduate to the department chair, who will send it on to the registrar's office or (in the case of double majors) to the next chair who needs to sign it. Petitions are due ten weeks before the semester graduation date, which should be listed on the academic calendar. (Note: Even though Webster has only one graduation ceremony in May, there is a graduation date for each semester: fall, spring, and summer.)

If you do not receive a petition in the mail, stop by the registrar's office or download one.

4. If you are pursuing departmental honors, turn in the FINAL draft of your thesis by the Monday after the semester break. Please see the departmental honors handout for more details.

5. Turn in your portfolio to your advisor by April 1 if you are graduating in May, by November 1 if graduating in December, and by July 15 if graduating in August.

6. Go over your degree audit with your advisor to make sure everything is in order.

7. Find out the details of the May graduation ceremony at Please note that Webster holds ONE graduation ceremony at the end of each academic year in May.

8. Finish and turn in all the work for all your courses.

Note: The graduation candidacy fee is automatically billed after you've completed 110 hours. You should pay the fee as soon as possible or your diploma and transcript will be held.