Beyond the Major

Beyond the Major: Getting the Most out of The
Webster Experience

English Student

There are many ways to make sure you get the most out of the Webster experience, including extracurricular activities, honors, and internships.

It's common knowledge that extracurricular activities look good on a resume; what you may not know is that they can help you have a more successful college experience overall. Some of the opportunities you'll have to get involved at Webster include

The English Department also honors students who achieve academic excellence:

  • Each year, we publish excellent academic essays written in our classes as well as honors theses in The Webster Mercury
  • We offer an honors track for students who want to attain departmental honors.
  • The English Department also awards three scholarships for academic excellence: the Reta Madsen Scholarship, the Joan McDonald Scholarship, and the Nancy H. Powers-Prtichard Scholarship.
All English majors can benefit from an internship, which provides career-related experience and professional connections.