History, Politics, & International Relations

Priest HouseThe History, Politics, and International Relations Department offers a diverse curriculum that combines tradition and innovation. The department is loyal to the concept of a traditional liberal arts education, and at the same time believes that a student's academic program should be preparation for a productive professional career. Within the department, students can pursue their studies through a combination of traditional courses, reading courses, practicums, and internships.

Students learn to translate information into understanding and perspective, and to apply that knowledge in today's world. The more complete "world view" students have, the better prepared they are to meet the challenges of the future. All department programs emphasize critical thinking skills and the development of clear, cogent communication of ideas. 

For more information, explore the Department of History, Politics, & International Relations in the undergraduate catalog or contact Department Representative April Tate.

        Department Chair

john John Chappell, PhD
Associate Professor
H. Sam Priest Center 216
Ph: (314) 968-7496

  Department Representative

not picturedApril Tate
H. Sam Priest Center 208
Ph: (314) 968-7060