The Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations affords students considerable flexibility in designing their program of study subject to meeting all program requirements. Students are able to choose their courses several months prior to the beginning of term.

Students are strongly encouraged to take INTL 5000 Introduction to International Relations (3 hours) and INTL 5100 Research Methods and Perspectives (3 hours) as soon as possible in their program. They are also strongly encouraged to take INTL 5400 International Political Economy (3 hours), INTL 5530 International Law (3 hours), INTL 5540 International Organizations (3 hours), and INTL 5550 War and Diplomacy (3 hours). Students who plan to pursue a PhD or an academic career should choose INTL 6250 Thesis (6 hours).

Students should enroll in the prescribed 36 credit hours and ensure that their course selections avoid timetable clashes. They must meet relevant prerequisites for courses; students will not be permitted to enroll in courses for which they do not meet relevant prerequisites.

When they begin their program, students must visit Academic Advising for an initial consultation; they are thereafter welcome to contact the Department’s Lecturer and Coordinator of International Relations, Dr. Robert P. Barnidge, Jr., for the duration of their program.