History, Politics, & International Relations


The department of History, Politics, & International Relations offers degrees in American Studies, History, International Relations, and Political Science

*Department Overview Requirements

All departmental majors are required to take the Department Overview in order to graduate. It is offered each year in the spring semester. The Overview process involves reading a book selected by department faculty and engaging in an oral examination with a faculty panel. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate your ability to analyze the book's thesis and discuss it in an informed manner. Majors should register for Overview (either HIST 4620 or POLT 4620) along with other spring classes. You can take Overview for one credit or as a non-credit course. Once you have registered for the class, we will send you details on the chosen book.

The actual overview examinations will occur at the end of the Spring 1 semester (ie. toward the end of the first 8 weeks). In order to prepare for Overview, there will be at least 3 class meetings on Saturday mornings at the beginning of the Spring semester. When you sign up for the course, read the class description on the computer in order to find out about these preparation sessions. It is very important that you make every effort to attend these meetings.

In the class meetings we will discuss the overview procedure and format and provide some background information related to the book.