Why ESL at Webster?

Language Fluency

Webster's ESL classes use a four-skills communicative approach to learning language. Our classes are interactive, lively and small to encourage more participation and to give instructors more time with each student. Very advanced ESL students can start studying their degree while still enrolled in ESL courses.

Academic Achievement

Because Webster uses content-based instruction, student work on college level academic assignments.  Not only do they enroll in ESL classes, but also in a content course with American students. That way, ESL students learn how to interact with professors and student in a real academic setting while becoming accustomed to the linguistic rigors of undergraduate university work.

High-Quality Instruction

All Webster University ESL instructors have master's degree, most in TESL/TEFL. May work as a teacher trainers, and have years of experience teaching English both in the U.S. and abroad.

Technology Savvy

The Webster ESL program recognizes the importance of incorporating technology in to the language classroom.  Students can find the Webster ESL WIKI at Our student use many tools available for language learning, including blogs, electronic classrooms, online discussion tools and video and audio equipment.

Exam Success

The Webster ESL program recognizes how challenging the iBT TOEFL can be.  We offer multi-skill TOEFL preparation for students who are looking to increase their test scores.  Lower level ESL classes incorporate skills essential to TOEFL success.

Opportunities for Study around the World

After becoming proficient in English, Webster ESL student are welcome to apply to study abroad at one of Webster University's international campuses.