Tuition/Fees 2014-15

The English as a Second Language program at Webster University - St. Louis uses a sustained content-based approach, which means that every ESL student in Full Program ESL is enrolled for both ESL and Content course work. All the work in each section of the ESL program reflects the topics and assignments of a typical humanities seminar.

There are four enrollment options, which are determined by a student’s scores on the Webster University Placement Tests and ESL coordinator recommendations.

FULL PROGRAM (Intermediate/Upper Intermediate)= 11 credits (though students attend 15 hours of ESL and 3 hours of content per week)

  • Students enroll in ten credits of ESL (at $520/credit hour, for a total of ($5,200) and one Content Course credit (at $630/credit hour).
  • The total tuition for one semester is thus $5,830. This figure does not include living expenses, fees, mandatory health insurance, or books and supplies.

PARTIAL RELEASE = 5 to 6 credits of Full Program classes (2-3 classes)

  • Students must obtain certain scores on language placement tests or permission from the coordinator for this option.
  • They will enroll in 5-6 credits of ESL, for a maximum total of ($3,120). Undergraduates may take an additional six to nine content course credits ($630/hr).)
  • The total tuition for one semester can range from $6,840 to the flat fee for undergraduate students who are enrolled in more than twelve credit hours. This does not include living expenses, fees, mandatory health insurance, or books and supplies.
  • Graduate students often take two to three classes at different rates.

Bridge Program (Advanced ESL) = 6 credits, 3 credits per semester.

  • Students must achieve specific scores on the placement test for this option. T
  • They will enroll in ESL for two semesters, taking one ESL class per semester at the same time as their degree program classes.
  • ESL tuition is $1,560 per class.

ESL SEMINAR - 1-3 credits

  • This option is available only by approval of the ESL coordinator.
  • Students who wish to refine specific English language skills, in such areas as research papers and oral presentations may enroll in the three-credit ESL Seminar ($1,560), or enroll in 1 or 2 credit, one on one instruction seminars.