“The greatest poverty is the lack of intelligence.”

Arabic is the fifth largest language in the world in regards to native speakers, and is the official language of 20 countries. Arabic is also the language of the Qur’an, giving the language a cultural tie to Muslims around the world. Thanks to the rapid growth of the Arab region, opportunities for jobs and trade in the Arabic-speaking world and with native Arabic speakers are growing as well, which means knowing Arabic is an invaluable skill in the international job market. 

Why study Arabic at Webster University?

  • Flexible hours. Take evening classes after your busy day with our professional and personable professors.
  • Discover more than the language. Gain a cultural understanding of the Arabic world with our ILC Topics courses.
  • High demand. Arabic is considered a critical language by the United States, meaning speakers of the language are in high demand. Arabic is an important language for someone considering a career with a government institution such as the FBI. Currently, only around 1% of all FBI employees know any Arabic, giving those who do know Arabic a definite edge!

Clubs & Social Media

Muslim Student AssociationJoin the Muslim Student Association to connect with others who share your interests with Arabic and Islam. The MSA won the Best Student Club of 2014!

Speakers Series: Attend the strong speakers series on increasing awareness and inclusiveness at Webster University.

International Student Association: Get to know visiting students from a variety of Arabic-speaking countries.