French (BA)

« […] C'est à la formation d'une constellation que nous assistons, où la langue libérée de son pacte exclusif avec la nation, libre désormais de tout pouvoir autre que ceux de la poésie et de l'imaginaire, n'aura pour frontières que celles de l'esprit. »
"[…] We're witnessing the birth of a new constellation, in which language freed from its exclusive pact with the nation, free from every other power hereafter but the powers of poetry and the imaginary, will have no other frontiers but those of the spirit."
 -- "Towards a 'World Literature' in French" (literary manifesto published in Le Monde, 2007) 

French is the official language in thirty countries and has approximately 338 million speakers worldwide. With over 80 million annual tourists and 38 UNESCO-designated world heritage sites, France is the most visited country in the world. Because it is also one of the official languages of the United Nations, French has also long been considered a language of diplomacy and culture, making it an ideal second language for students interested in international relations and human rights.

The French program at Webster -- offering a Bachelor of Arts in French and a French minor -- offers students a strong liberal arts education in French and francophone cultures from an international perspective that few other institutions can offer. Webster's international network of campuses means that you’ll study French as part of a truly international community, and that study abroad opportunities abound: you might spend a semester at our campus in Geneva; visit Nice, France with our popular hybrid course; study at our partner institution, Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes, in Brussels; or teach English to students in Toulouse. We’re passionate about the transformative power of these experiences, so we are constantly developing new opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in the francophone world. 

The professors you’ll have in the Department of International Languages and Cultures value cooperative learning and personal attention. Our classes are small and discussion-oriented, and students are individually mentored by their professors and advisors every step of the way. Plus, our faculty go above and beyond to provide opportunities for learning and discovery outside the classroom; there’s always a foreign language roundtable, or an international poetry slam, or an “I Love Crepes Day” potluck going on somewhere! 

Why Study French at Webster University?

  • Le Centre Francophone. Webster is home to Le Centre Francophone, which means our French students benefit from Le CF's 
  • Experienced faculty. Our French program faculty have over 80 years of combined teaching experience.
  • Close-knit community: The Department of International Languages and Cultures boasts one of Webster's most active extracurricular communities. Check out the ways our students get involved below.
  • Study abroad opportunities. Study abroad opportunities in Geneva, Switzerland, and through our hybrid course that take students to study in Nice, France.


Get Involved:

Le Centre Francophone. Looking to get involved with the francophone community? Le Centre Francophone is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for those in the St. Louis region to learn more about francophone cultures and taking an active part in the local and global French-speaking community. Webster's French program works heavily with Le CF to bring 

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French Language Table.  Our long-standing French Language Tables are outside-the-classroom meetings in the university cafeteria which allow students to have casual conversations in French with our native-speaking French teaching assistant. All levels of speakers are welcome to come to the Language Tables for a stress-free way to practice speaking once a week. 

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The Alliance Française of St. Louis. The Alliance Française of Saint Louis is a great way to find out about French activities going on in the region that promote French language and culture.