“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first, single step.”
– Japanese Proverb

Japanese is the sixth most spoken language in the world with 127 million speakers. Getting a Japanese minor or certificate at Webster is the perfect way for students with an interest in Japanese language or culture to follow their interests while adding an international edge to their degree.

Why Study Japanese at Webster University?

  • Study abroad in Japan. Students can spend a fall semester or a full academic year at Kansai University in Osaka, a top University in Japan. (A background in Japanese is preferable, but not required.) Also, students can take classes for the fall, the academic year, or as part of a 4-week intensive program at Oberin University outside of Tokyo.
  • Authentic cultural experiences in campus. The Japanese Student Association is constantly bringing Japanese culture to life at Webster. In the past, students have organized events to celebrate the Japanese New Year, make Mandu dumplings while watching famous Japanese cinematography, and learn about the intricacies of the Tea Ceremony with an authentic Japanese Tea Master.

Get Involved:

The Japanese Language Table: Our long-standing language tables are outside-the-classroom meetings in the university cafeteria which allow students to have casual conversations in their language of study with our native-speaking teaching assistant. All levels of speakers are welcome to come to the Language Tables for a stress-free way to practice speaking once a week. 

The Japanese Student Association: The JSA is another way for students to keep in contact and get involved with current events at Webster which explore and celebrate Japanese language and culture. 

FB Connect with the Japanese Student Association and the Japanese Language Table on Facebook

ISA. The International Student Association offers you the opportunity to meet with students from Japan in a comfortable environment, as well as other cultures.

Society of International Languages and Cultures: SILC hosts multiple entertaining and culturally-focused events throughout the school year, and every event is open for anyone to attend.