“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.”
"I am man; I reckon no human thing to be foreign to me.”
--Terrance, The Self-Tormentor (3rd century BCE playwright)

A dead language? Hardly! Latin is very much alive, and studying Latin is highly recommended for students going into the biological sciences or the medical field where Latin terminology still reigns supreme. Latin is the well from which all other romance language spring, so studying Latin is also a great way to pave the way for studying French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, or Spanish.

Why study Latin at Webster University?

  • Segue into other languages. Students often find Latin easy to master, and it makes a great foundation for any other romance language.
  • Complements your other courses. A Latin course makes an excellent accompaniment to a course in Mediterranean Studies or Classical Antiquity in Film.
  • Study abroad. Webster's study-abroad programming is unparalleled, and students learning Latin can test their language skills through a semester abroad, a hybrid course, or one of our many exchange programs.

Get Involved:

Society of International Languages and Cultures: SILC hosts multiple entertaining and culturally-focused events throughout the school year, and every event is open for anyone to attend.