LATN 1090 Elementary Latin: Level I
This course introduces the grammar, vocabulary and culture of the Latin language. Simple adapted Latin texts are read, progressing in difficulty as the necessary grammar and vocabulary are acquired. When relevant to these texts, various aspects of Ancient Roman culture and the world of Latin are discussed. Latin grammar and vocabulary are considered in relation to English, so the course will also boost rhetorical skills and lexical competence in the English language. There will be work on the correct oral pronunciation of Latin in class, but no oral proficiency is required. There is no oral lab. No prerequisites.

LATN 1100 Elementary Latin: Level II

Prerequisite: LATN 1090 or equivalent. This course is a continuation of Elementary Latin Level I. The remaining grammar, inflected forms and syntax of Latin are learned, while texts illustrating these various constructions are read. The texts used for translation are stories from Roman mythology and history, and adapted and unadapted excerpts from classical literature.

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