แข่งเรือแข่งแพแข่งได้ แข่งบุญแข่งวาสนาแข่งไม่ได
"One can compete in a boat or raft race, but one cannot compete in the race of merit and destiny."
- Thai proverb

Formerly known as Siamese, Thai is the official language of the Kingdom of Thailand. Each year Thailand receives over 12 million tourists to visit the beautiful beaches and geography that the Kingdom has to offer.

Why Study Thai at Webster University?

  • Learn from a native speaker. Webster offers Thai courses with a native speaker who is versed as well with skills such as communications and international studies.
  • Study abroad in Thailand. Webster University has campuses in Bangkok and Cha-Am, Thailand which give students the opportunity to earn academic credit while immersing themselves in Thai language and culture.


Get Involved:

The International Student Association: The ISA offers a way to connect with other students of languages and cultures who are studying at Webster from abroad. The ISA hosts many exciting events throughout the school year, giving you many chances to join in on the fun and meet others with similar interests. 

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