The International Languages and Cultures Department offers degrees in French, German, German Studies, and Spanish. When there is sufficient interest, other language courses are also offered, such as Arabic, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Latin, Russian and Thai.

The Department also offers courses in English as a Second Language, Latin, Italian, Classical Greek (listed under ILCs), Russian (ILCs), Classical Tibetan (ILCs), Chinese (ILCs), and Japanese (ILCs).

We offer many courses at the beginning and intermediate levels that might interest the non-major. Call the office for a complete listing (314) 968-7047.

The Department of International Languages & Cultures provides Webster students with sequential and coherent opportunities to develop their linguistic skills (listening comprehension, reading, speaking and writing), to acquire understanding and appreciation of foreign language cultures and literatures, and to become familiar with basic principles of linguistics and the teaching methodologies in the field.