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Study Opportunities

Foreign Language students at Webster University are encouraged to pursue the Undergraduate International Studies Certificate which requires foreign language proficiency at the intermediate level and a Study Abroad experience.

"Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum" Program

The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for students to apply their second language skills (in French, German, Spanish, etc.) to content learning in pre-selected disciplines across the curriculum. For more information call or e-mail the Department of Foreign Languages.

M.A.T. - A Master of Arts in Teaching is offered in Communications with emphasis in Foreign Languages (French or Spanish). Twelve credit hours in Communications are required plus twelve hours of appropriate coursework in the language of emphasis. Classes cover different periods and genres of French, Spanish, and Latin American literatures, but the focus of the program is on oral communication and a deep understanding and appreciation of the foreign language and culture.

Intensive Weekends - Intensive advanced conversational overnight weekends are offered once or twice each semester in French, German and Spanish. The main focus is to practice and improve oral skills. Only the target language is allowed.

Exchange Programs

There are two exchanges between Webster University and institutions abroad:

Argentina - An exchange between Webster University and the Facultad de Filosofia y letras, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - Mendoza, Argentina.


France - An exchance between Webster University and the French Ministry of Education - France.



 Rosita Award

For International Awareness and Languages and Cultures Studies.

The awards recognize students who seek a greater understanding of different cultures by learning their languages.


  • Successful completion of four or more Webster University international languages and cultures classes (three credits each). At least one course shall be completed during the academic year of the drawing.
  • Must be a Webster University student, currently enrolled in the Department of International Languages and Cultures and present at the drawing.
  • B or better in all ILC classes.
  • Classes may be in any international language(s) or culture(s), any level.
  • All classes need not be in the same international language or culture.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) students meeting the following requirements also qualify for the drawing.
  • Completion of an application form.

For more information please contact International Languages and Cultures faculty or the departmental office at 314-968-7047 or by e-mail.

 Society of International Languages and Cultures

General Meetings
Normally once a month at various times and locations.

Language Tables

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

For more information contact Paula Hanssen or Yupa Saisanan (faculty sponsors) and/or the Department of International Languages and Cultures at x7047.

Activities (examples)

  • International Poetry Slam
  • Mexican Day of the Dead
  • Alumni reception at homecoming in the UC
  • Mid Term International Food/Game day
  • Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall: film, wall building
  • December Holiday Party
  • Rosita award celebration
  • Gazpacho Party
  • Visits to Local Restaurants
  • Various Field Trips

Study Abroad

The Department of International Languages & Cultures sponsors two study abroad programs, in conjunction with the Office of International Programs, which take place in May and/or July of each academic year.

Spanish in Mendoza, Argentina

For intermediate and advanced students of Spanish, a 5-6 week stay in Mendoza, Argentina, a beautiful town located at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Students live with families. Various local excursions and trips to other cities supplement the language, literature and culture classes. For information contact Dr. Graciela N. V. Corvalán.

Argentina Trip