Major, Certificate, & Pre-Law Program


Legal Studies (BA)


Paralegal Studies


The study of law continues to be an objective of many undergraduate students. Generally speaking, law schools look for broadly educated individuals who can think, speak, and write with precision and clarity. Webster encourages pre-law students to choose a major based on their own interests and abilities. Then, in consultation with an academic advisor, pre-law students will design a course of study that reflects the recommendations for pre-legal education developed by the Association of American Law Schools. The association's policy statement recommends an undergraduate education that emphasizes:

  • Verbal skills: comprehension, writing, and speaking;
  • Critical understanding of human institutions and values with which the law deals;
  • Creative power in thinking.

Please use the link below to access the American Bar Association's webpage regarding prelaw education

*Students interested in a pre-professional program should discuss their plans with their academic advisor.