Current Students

BSN Booklist

NURS 3010 Concepts of Professional Nursing
APA Manual, 6th ed.
Publisher: APA
Author: APA
ISBN: 978-1-433805615
 NURS 3020 Health Assessment
Mosby's Guide to Physical Exam, 8th ed, 2014
Publisher: Mosby
Author: Seidel
ISBN: 978-0-323112406
NURS 3030 Communication & Information Literacy
APA Manual, 6th ed
Publisher: APA
Author: APA
ISBN: 978-1-433805615
NURS 3270 Research and Evidence-Based Practice
Nursing research:Methods & critical appraisal....., 8th ed.
Publisher:  Elsevier
Authors:  LoBiondo-Wood & Haber
ISBN:  978-0-323100861
NURS 3400 Health Education
Nurse as Educator Principles...., 4th ed
Publisher:  Jones & Bartlet
Author:  Bastable
ISBN:  978-1-4496-9750-1

NURS 3410 Family Health Promotion
Family Health Care Nursing....4th ed
Publisher: Davis
Authors: Hanson...
ISBN: 978-0-803621664
NURS 4060 Gerontology
Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing Healthy Aging, 4th ed
Publisher:  Mosby/Elsevier
Authors:  Touhy & Jeff
ISBN:  978-0-323096065
Tuesdays with Morrie
Publisher:  Knopf Doubleday
Author:  Mitch Albom
ISBN:  978-0-767905923
NURS 4240 Nursing Leadership & Management
Leadership Roles & Mgmt Functions in Nurs, 7th ed
Publisher:  Lippincott
Authors:  Marquis & Huston
ISBN:  978-1-608316854
NURS 4250 Community Health
Community as Partner, Theory...., 6th ed
Publisher:  Lippincott
Authors:  Anderson & McFarlane
ISBN:  978-1-605478555
PSYC 2750 Statistics
Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences, 4th ed
Publisher:  Pearson
Author:  Kless & Green
ISBN:  10-0205626246