Student Resources

Nursing Department Handbook

The Nursing Department handbook contains BSN and MSN program outcomes and information on all nursing curriculum, as well as policies and procedures related to registration, grading, academic honesty, etc. Current students should familiarize themselves with the handbook and use it as a resource throughout their academic career.

Prospective students are welcome to read through the handbook to learn more about the department's guidelines and policies.

Course Registration

Newly accepted or current BSN and MSN students must contact his or her respective campus and schedule an appointment before registering for classes.

To view course offerings, explore Webster's online course schedule. Be sure to search for courses at your chosen location: select "online" for online courses, "St. Louis area campuses" for the Webster Groves campus, and "All Other Campuses."

Special Requirements for Clinical/Practicum 
Students registering for clinical or practicum courses must have ALL required information on file in the nursing office before beginning any clinical or practicum (see handbook, "Special Requirements"). 

BSN Booklist

NURS 3010 Concepts of Professional Nursing
APA Manual, 6th ed.
Publisher: APA
Author: APA 
ISBN: 978-1-433805615
 NURS 3020 Health Assessment
Mosby's Guide to Physical Exam, 2014/8th ed
Publisher: Mosby 
Author: Seidel 
ISBN: 978-0-323112406
NURS 3030 Communication & Information Literacy
APA Manual, 6th ed
Publisher: APA
Author: APA
ISBN: 978-1-433805615
NURS 3270 Research and Evidence-Based Practice
Nursing research:Methods & critical appraisal..... 2014, 8th ed.
Publisher:  Elsevier
Authors:  LoBiondo-Wood & Haber
ISBN:  978-0-323100861

Fall I Section 3270.02 only will also need the following book:
Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Copyright: 1995
Author: Anne Lamott

NURS 3400 Health Education
Nurse as Educator Principles...., 2014/4th ed
Publisher:  Jones & Bartlet
Author:  Bastable
ISBN:  978-1-4496-9750-1

NURS 3410 Family Health Promotion
Family Health Care Nursing....2014/4th ed
Publisher: Davis
Authors: Kaakinen....
ISBN: 978-0-8033621664
NURS 4060 Gerontology
Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing Healthy Aging, 2014/4th ed
Publisher:  Mosby/Elsevier
Authors:  Touhy & Jett
ISBN:  978-0-323096065
Tuesdays with Morrie
Publisher:  Knopf Doubleday
Author:  Mitch Albom
ISBN:  978-0-767905923
NURS 4240 Nursing Leadership & Management
Leadership Roles & Mgmt Functions in Nurs, 2014/8th ed
Publisher:  Lippincott
Authors:  Marquis & Huston
ISBN:  978-1-451192810
NURS 4250 Community Health
Community as Partner, Theory...., 6th ed
Publisher:  Lippincott
Authors:  Anderson & McFarlane
ISBN:  978-1-605478555
PSYC 2750 Statistics
Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences, 4th ed
Publisher:  Pearson
Author:  Kless & Green
ISBN:  10-0205626246