Pearson House in winterWelcome to the Philosophy Department at Webster University! We cultivate habits of thinking critically and communicating effectively about significant matters to help people live more meaningful, creative, and productive lives. We specialize in philosophies that address everyday existence and its concerns. The overall aim of our efforts is to have a positive, transforming affect on our students--to help them understand themselves with greater insight and to act in the world for the better.

The Philosophy Department maintains a vibrant atmosphere of intellectual inquiry. In the "Philosophers' Film Series," we have viewed and discussed films, including "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story," "Shower," and "Roger and Me." Visiting speakers in recent years have included Robert Solomon, Margaret Symons, Lawrence J. Hatab, Mike Godwin, Susan Sherwin, Ken Knisely, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Mark Johnson, Jerome Segal, Reese Ehrlich, Judith Lichtenberg, Dale Jamieson, Mark Sagoff, and Vincent Colapietro.

We specialize in philosophies that address everyday existence and its concerns. Our courses include "Philosophy and Women," "International Human Rights," "Pragmatism," "Philosophy and Film," "Philosophy of Sex and Love," "Existentialism," "Philosophy and Psychoanalysis," and "Environmental Ethics."

The Philosophy Department enthusiastically participates in Webster University's Center for Ethics, which endeavors to inspire reflection about ethical dilemmas and to bring together people normally separated by disciplinary boundaries.

For more information, explore the Department of Philosophy in the undergraduate catalog or contact Department Coordinator Karen Miller.

      Department Chair

 ParsonsKate Parsons
Associate Professor
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Department Coordinator

not pictured Karen Miller
Coordinator of Philosophy
Pearson House
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