Don Conway-Long, PhD



Associate Professor of Anthropology
305 Webster Hall
(314) 246-7611




PhD, Washington University, 2000
MA, Washington University, 1991
MA, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, 1989
MA, Washington University, 1976
BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1974

Courses Frequently Taught

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Men and Masculinities
Cultural Constructions of Masculinities
Peoples and Cultures of the Islamic World
Peoples and Cultures of China Social Theory
Gender and Sex Roles
Ethnic and Minority Relations

Research Interests

Men and Violence
Islam and Democracy
Environment and Development
Indigenous Peoples and Globalization

Selected Presentations and Publications

Conway-Long, D. (2007). Three brothers. In A. Jones (Ed.). Men of the global south: A reader. London: Zed Books.

Conway-Long, D. (2007, May). Islam 101: This is Islam-This is radical Islam. McConnell Air Force Base, Speaker Series.

Conway-Long, D. (2006). Gender, power and social change in Morocco. In L. Ouzgane (Ed.). Islamic masculinities. London: Zed Books.

Conway-Long, D. (2005, April 6). Violence in the Fields: Masculinities, Social Sciences, and Terrorisms. Keynote Speech. 3rd Annual SIUE Colloquium: Talking about Masculinity. Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville.

Conway-Long, D. (2004, Winter/Spring). Seeking masculinities in the Middle East: An anthropology of power and absence. Al Raida, 21(104-105), 12-22.

Conway-Long, D. (2003). Contentious forces: Globalization and Theo-Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. Fourth Annual Symposium on Democracy: Globalization and Democracy, Kent State, Ohio. In C. Nieman (Ed.). Democracy and Globalization. Kent State University Press. On line publication.

Conway-Long, D. (2003). Islam and masculinities: Deconstructing the fundamentals. 11th Annual Conference, American Men's Studies Association. Nashville Tennessee.

Conway-Long, D. (2001). Sexism and rape culture in Moroccan social discourse. The Journal of Men's Studies, 10(3), 361-371.

Conway-Long, D. (1994). Ethnographies and masculinities. In H. Brod & M. Kaufman (Eds.). Theorizing masculinities. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.