International Relations (MA)

The Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations is
designed to enable students to understand the complex relationships among institutions of international governance. Coursework enables them to analyze the legal, historical, socioeconomic, and political factors that are key elements in
a study of this nature. Examination of the dynamics,
structural characteristics, and humanitarian issues of the
global community is included. 

The MA in International Relations at Webster University is unique for a number of reasons. Students are able to take advantage of Webster’s global footprint by studying abroad at Webster campuses throughout the world and are taught by faculty who are noted scholars and practitioners in the field. The program offers considerable flexibility and can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Webster is also nationally recognized as military-friendly.

International Relations students at Webster have gone on to work for Meds for Kids, Boeing, ABB, Enterprise, the Associate Ministry of Coordination and Competiveness in Ecuador, the United States Army, and as a preparatoria teacher in Honduras. Other graduates have gone on to practice law and work in academia (for example, at Washington University in St. Louis). 

MA in International Relations students participate in a regular classroom setting, online, or both. Related programs include the Global Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations and the Global Master of Arts (MA) in International Nongovernmental Organizations, both of which operate as cohort programs, and the Master of Arts (MA) in International Nongovernmental Organizations.

Learn more about the degree by exploring the graduate catalog or contacting Lecturer and Coordinator Robert P. Barnidge, Jr., PhD.

Program Director

Kelly-Kate Pease, PhD
H. Sam Priest Center 212
(314) 968-7083

Lecturer and Coordinator

Robert P. Barnidge, Jr., PhD
H. Sam Priest Center 211
(314) 968-7562