Current Courses

Graduate Program, International Relations
Course Descriptions Spring 2013

Spring 1, 2013

INTL 5400  International Political Economy (Gyadar) (I) Thurs.
INTL 5550  War and Diplomacy (Hufker)  (I)  Tues.
INTL 5540  International Organizations (Overman) (I)  Wed.
INTL 5000  Introduction to International Relations  (Pease) Mon.
INTL 5580  Politics of Development (Sudarsan Kant) (C) Wed.                                                                 

Spring 2, 2013

INTL 5530  International Law (Weeks) (I) Thurs.
INTL 5625  Area Studies:   Middle East (Entessar) (C) Mon.
INTL 5700  Humanitarian Issues: Human Rights (Hufker)  (I) Thurs.
INTL 5860  Issues in IP: Cuba-U.S. Relations (Raul Rodriguez and Dan Hellinger) (I) Tues.
INTL 6000  International Relations: Theory and Practice (Kyle Haynes) Wed.