Current Student Booklist

MSN Booklist

NURN 5000 Theoretical Foundations
1) Notes on Nursing
Publisher: Dover
Author:  Florence Nightingale
ISBN: 978-0-486223407
2) Theoretical Basis for Nursing, 3rd ed
Publisher:  Lippincott
Authors:  McEwen & Wills
ISBN:  978-1-60547-323-9
3) APA Manual, 6th ed
Publisher:  APA
Author:  APA
ISBN:  978-1-433805615
NURN 5050 Policy and Politics
Policy and Politics in Nurs and Health, 6th ed (revised print)
Publisher:  Saunders
Authors:  Mason & Leavitt
ISBN:  978-0-323-24241-7
and Same APA Manual as above if you do not already have it

NURN 5210 Instructional Methods
Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educ, 2nd ed
Publisher:  Prentice-Hall
Author:  DeYoung
ISBN:  978-0-131790261

NURN 5220 Curriculum Development & Evaluation
Teaching in Nursing:A Guide for Faculty, 4th ed
Publisher:  Saunders
Authors:  Billings & Halstead
ISBN:  978-1-455705511

NURN 5230 Teaching Practicum I
1) Evaluation & Testing in Nursing Education, 3rd ed
Publisher:  Springer
Authors:  Oermann, Gaberson
ISBN:  978-0-826110619
2) Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators, 2nd ed
Publisher:  Prentice-Hall
Author:  DeYoung
ISBN:  978-0-131790261

NURN 5240 Teaching Practicum II
1) Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, 3rd ed
Publisher:  Springer
Authors:  Oermann, Gaberson
ISBN:  978-0-826105813
2) Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators, 2nd ed
Publisher:  Prentice-Hall
Author:  DeYoung
ISBN:  978-0-131790261
NURN 5340 Population Health I
Same as NURN 5350
NURN 5350 Population Health II
1) Population Based Nursing Concepts...
Publisher: Springer
Authors: Curley, Vitale
ISBN: 978-0-8261-0671-1
2) Population Health Creating a Culture of....2011

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett
Authors:  Nash, Reifsnyder
ISBN: 978-0-76378043-2
NURN 5360 Organization & Systems Leadership
Organizational behavior theory & design...., 2008
Publisher: Jones & Bartlet
Author:  Borkowski
ISBN: 978-0-763742850
NURN 5370 Quality & Safety in Healthcare
1) Quality and safety in nursing:A competency....., 2012
Publisher: Wiley
Authors:  Sherwood & Barnsteiner
ISBN: 978-0470959589
2) Error reduction in health care:A systems approach...., 2nd ed
Publisher:  Jossey-Bass
Author:  Spath
ISBN:  978-0470502402

NURN 5380 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Advanced Assessment I
1) Clinical pharmacology, 11th ed/2012
Publisher:  Elsevier
Author:  Bennett, P.N.
ISBN:  978-0-7020-4084-9
2) Advanced Assessment: Interpreting Findings and Formulating Differential Diagnosis, 2nd Ed.
Publisher:  F.A. Davis Company
Authors:  Goolsby & Grubbs
ISBN:  978-8036-2172-5

NURN 5390 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Advanced Assessment II
Same as NURN 5380

NURN 5410 Leadership in Nursing
1) Beyond Leading & Managing:Nursing..., 2006
Publisher:  Elsevier
Authors:  Yoder-Wise, Kowalski
ISBN:  978-0-323028776

NURN 5420 Financial Issues for Nurse Leaders
Financial Management for Nurse Managers...., 4th ed
Publisher:  Elsevier
Authors: Finkler, Kovner, Jones
ISBN:  978-1-455700882

NURN 5430 Legal Issues for Nurse Leaders
Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Occupations...., 2nd ed
Publisher:  Elsevier
Author:  Aiken
ISBN:  978-1-416022626

NURN 5440 Leadership Practicum I
1) Strategic Planning for Nurses, 2010
Publisher:  Jones & Bartlett
Authors:  Sare & Ogilvie
ISBN:  978-0-7637-6617-7
2) Principled-Centered Leadership, 1992
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
Author:  Covey
ISBN:  978-0-671792800

NURN 5450 Leadership Practicum II
Same books as NURN 5440

NURN 5550 Advanced Nursing Research
1) The Practice of Nursing Research:Appraisal...., 7th ed
Publisher:  Elsevier
Authors:  Burns, Grove
ISBN:  978-1-45570736-2
2) APA Manual (only if this is first class and do not have already)
NURN 5820 Families Experiencing Illness
1) Beliefs & Illness:A Model for Healing, 2009
Publisher:  4th Floor Press
Authors:  Wright & Bell
ISBN:  978-1-897530092
2) Spirituality, suffering and illness, 2005
Publisher:  Davis
Author:  Wright
ISBN:  978-0-803611719