Undergraduate Program

Webster University is a leader in human rights education, offering one of the only undergraduate human rights degrees in the United States. The Institute also offers a minor and a certificate option for students who would like to incorporate human rights into their area of study. Interdisciplinary courses are taught by faculty from across the Webster community, and co-curricular events sponsored by the Institute often bring leading scholars and activists to Webster campuses.

Webster's human rights degree program was launched in 2005, thanks to a Title VI grant and the dedication of the late Professor Art Sandler (Philosophy) and Professor Kelly-Kate Pease (History, Politics, & International Relations). The certificate option, which was first offered during the 1996-97 academic year, established the program's tradition of interdisciplinarity and cross-campus collaboration.

Today, human rights courses may be identified by their HRTS prefix, and human rights course options are offered at a number of Webster's campuses around the world. Human rights graduates may undertake graduate studies related to human rights, as well as undertake rights-focused work at non-governmental organizations, government offices, corporations, and educational institutions.


The undergraduate International Human Rights degree at Webster University seeks to encourage greater understanding of international human rights standards, problems, and solutions.

International Human Rights


The International Human Rights minor is perfect for students who wish to round out their undergraduate education with courses in the field of human rights.

International Human Rights


More demanding than the International Human Rights minor but less demanding than the International Human Rights major, this option is well suited to students with a strong interest in human rights but who are majoring in another subject. As a “stand-alone” certificate, it is also appropriate for those students with a strong interest in human rights and who have completed a BA or BS at another institution but who are not currently considering graduate or professional school.

International Human Rights