BIT Team Membership | Webster University

BIT Team Membership

Ted Hoef (Chair)
Associate VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Dean of Students OfficeUniversity Center

Rick Gerger

Director of Public Safety
Garden Park Plaza

Patrick Stack
Director of Counseling and Life Development
540 Garden
314-968-7030 X6921

John Buck (Alternate)
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Housing and Residential Life
West Hall Central Housing Office

Colette Cummings (Alternate)
Associate Dean and Director of MCISA and Judicial Officer
536 Garden

Michael Ford (Alternate)
Emergency Operations Manager, Public Safety
Garden Park Plaza

Betsy Schmutz (Employee Issues)
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Loretto Hall 32

Philip Storm (Alternate)
Student Conduct Officer/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Student Affairs Office
University Center

Ad hoc members included when appropriate. Other Webster University community members will be contacted as needed by the BIT on a case-by-case basis.

The BIT will employ the services of a contracted local psychiatrist for any required psychiatric assessments that may be deemed necessary.