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The Webster Brand

Global. Inclusive. Diverse.

Our brand is the start of every audience interaction at Webster. By providing our constituents with unique and consistent experiences—in print, online, in video or in person—we unify our diverse community and amplify our institutional message.

Use the following resources to help maintain a clear and distinct Webster identity across our family of students, faculty, alumni and beyond. When creating any form of communication on behalf of the University, ensure the appropriate use of Webster 's official logo, color palette, typography and editorial style, by following the guidelines set below.

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The Webster Brand Platform: Global Distinction

Our Mission

Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a premier U.S.-based international university setting a distinct standard for global education.

Our Values

Students: By sustaining a personalized approach to a global, student-centered education through small classes, close relationships with faculty and staff, and attention to student life.

Learning: By developing educational programs that join theory and practice, provide an international perspective, encourage creativity and scholarship, and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively serve communities and the world.

Diversity and Inclusion: By creating an environment accessible to individuals of diverse cultures, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds and instilling in students a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and others’ values.

Global Citizenship: By educating a diverse population locally, nationally, and internationally, acting responsibly toward the environment to foster a sustainable future, and strengthening the communities we serve.

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Brand IDs

The Webster University seal, official logo, athletic logo and spirit mark are the anchors of our visual brand. They should be used carefully and sparingly, endorsing only initiatives and communications that align with the mission of the University.

Each mark above carries a specific set of guidelines dictating their appropriate use. To review these recommendations, or to download files for use in university sanctioned projects, view our GMC Resources.


Official Typography

Primary Brand Type


Secondary Typefaces

Secondary Brand Typefaces

In Print and On Screen

Webster University's official typefaces mirror qualities inherent to Webster's brand. The Sabon font family promotes tradition and quality, while Franklin Gothic adds modernity and flexibility. Use only these typefaces when creating any external communications, including collateral (flyers, brochures, posters or publications), video (lower-thirds, supers, motion graphics) or external presentations (Powerpoint, keynote, prezi). Our goal is to create a continuity of appearance that supports the University brand while promoting a cohesive message at any touchpoint.

On the Web

Best practices for serving type online are constantly changing. Until an official University process is adopted, please use the indicated substitute typefaces (Georgia and Arial) when incorporating live text for any digital media project.


Color Palette

Webster Blue

RGB: R0 G73 B144
CMYK: C100 M72 Y0 K18
Pantone: 294 Uncoated, 7685 Coated
Hex: #004990  (Websites & Digital)

Webster Gold

RGB: R255 G195 B85
CMYK: C0 M27 Y76 K0
Pantone: 122 Uncoated, 136 Coated
Hex: #f9ba53  (Websites & Digital)

Webster University's official color palette helps audiences quickly identify Webster branded touchpoints — from signage to apparel. Take care when working with the color palette, strive to create a balance that is visually pleasing and doesn't clash or vibrate. Follow these guidelines to create a result that is harmonious and on brand.

- Always ensure good contrast and legibility of information.
- Incorporate both colors when possible, in roughly a 70/30 mix of coverage.
- If limited to printing in one color, choose Webster Blue and its screens.



Photo Collage

Photography is a major component of Webster University's brand. Engaging imagery provides context about Webster without the need to write a single word. Help maintain a high standard of photography by choosing images that are professionally created and reflect the excellence of the university.

Taking or selecting photography

Consider lighting, composition and the story your photograph should tell. Whether shooting the grand opening of a campus or a portrait of a faculty member, professional photography should be used as often as possible. Avoid overly staged, flat and otherwise uninteresting photos that don't illustrate the dynamic and diverse nature of Webster.

- All photography requests, including selection/use of vendors, must be approved through Webster University's Manager of Photography Services.

- All photos taken for official Webster University business become property of the University and must be shared with GMC's manager of Photography Services.

Direct all questions or concerns regarding photography to the Manager of Photography Services at




Video is a captivating form of storytelling that incorporates every aspects of our brand into one salient form factor. In addition to adapting guidelines for color, typography, photography and writing into your video projects, ensure cohesive narrative, fluid motion and timing when editing or producing video on behalf of the University.

Shooting Video

Consider lighting, composition and the story your video will tell. Whether shooting a grand opening of a campus or creating a robust presentation, professional video services should be used as often as possible.

Graphics in Video

Pay particular attention to lower thirds, bumpers and any "supers" you intend to use. Contact the GMC Video Services team for templates and resources.

Video Requests

Inform Webster University's Manager of Video of all projects being produced for official Webster University business. Any video produced for official University business is property of the University and must be shared with the Manager of Video.



Ads Collage

Advertising is important in complementing recruitment efforts, positioning the organization amongst competitors and increasing the awareness of the Webster brand across all of its constituencies. Done effectively, advertising can yield great results that increase inquiries, promote goodwill and raise the recognition of the University.

University Procedure

Under no circumstances should any employee of the University engage in the buying of advertising media. This is the responsibility of the Office of Global Marketing & Communications (GMC).

Producing Advertising

All extended campuses or departments must secure approval from GMC for any Webster University or department-related advertisements — regardless of the media type or form in which the advertisement will appear. GMC develops all non-employment advertisements to assure that all ads contribute favorably to the image of Webster University and are consistent with defined standards, regardless of media type and relative to content, format and graphics.

- Media Planning is based on research which discerns what media our potential students consume to develop a strategic plan of relevant advertising opportunities.

- Media Buying focuses on securing those media advertising opportunities at the best position and price.

If you have questions about advertising in your region, or you've purchased ad media in error, let GMC know by completing a project request form and include any pertinent information in your submission. A representative from GMC's Creative Services staff will follow up to consult.


Questions & Comments

Questions or comments concerning implementation of the brand, use of files or access to university-approved resources should be sent to Webster University's Office of Global Marketing & Communications at