About the Walker School of Business and Technology

Welcome to the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology at Webster University, a leading provider of business education worldwide.  With an international student body and a network of campuses throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and cyberspace, we at Webster University know firsthand what it takes to succeed in the dynamic global business environment.

That's why we are committed to offering our students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels a world-class, reality-based education that incorporates the latest theory with real-world practice. Our mission is to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them to be dynamic thinkers and leaders and to carry within themselves the seeds of lifelong transformation and change. We affirm that it is our core business to respond quickly to the changing dynamics of the marketplace with academic programs that are relevant, substantive, and distinctive.

We invite you to join our global community of learners and innovators at the Walker School of Business & Technology at Webster University. You'll find that education is our business, and that we're focused on helping you achieve your goals for your personal and professional development. It's an enterprise we take extremely seriously and reaffirm our commitment to every day.