Assessment Process

The WSBT mission reads as follows: "To develop skilled, innovative and responsible business and technology leaders with a global perspective, through a supportive and dynamic academic environment." The School's assessment strategy is governed by this mission statement.

A systematic approach to continuous improvement clearly depends upon establishing a process through which all stakeholders groups are afforded a regular opportunity to provide input into curriculum design, and the general direction of all programs within the School. This visual representation identifies key stakeholder groups and represents an outline of the process being implemented to enable our planning and strategy goals to be achieved. Meaningful data from each stakeholder group will be obtained on a regular basis. Such feedback is critical to the continuous improvement of all courses and programs.

The Walker School of Business and Technology's Leadership Team has been established as a central unit within the school, and is responsible for analyzing, and utilizing information from all stakeholder groups. The Leadership Team is comprised of the Dean, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, and occasionally other WSBT faculty members (as requested by the Dean) and utilizes a consensus approach in decision-making.

The Leadership Team gathers, via a well-defined process, data and feedback from all stakeholder groups. It is then responsible for analyzing this information in the most effective way. In the case of assessment directly related to specific program learning outcomes, 'program leaders' assume the analysis task and, in collaboration with their colleagues and department chair, recommend curriculum-related improvements. On-going feedback from these groups will be made available to the WSBT Leadership Team, faculty members, and other closely related parties (e.g. admissions). This feedback will inform the decisions of the WSBT Leadership Team as well as provide input into the formularization of new initiatives.

As an integral part of this decision-making process, the Leadership Team is guided by long-term plans at the university level. In 2008, the university completed a long-term institution-wide strategic plan ('The 2020 Plan'). The 2020 Plan 'sets direction' for and 'informs' all decision making and planning at the school or college level. All decisions made by the WSBT Leadership Team utilize the goals within the plan as guiding principles.

View a visual representation of the WSBT Assessment Process.


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