Introduction of David Brandon

I want to welcome you to our 2007/2008 kick-off of our speaker series.

In the 1960's two Michigan brothers borrowed $500 to begin what is now known as Domino's Pizza. Ten years later, our guest speaker was acquiring the knowledge he would later use to build this company into the world's recognized leader in pizza delivery.

You see, Dave Brandon is a wolverine. And while at the University of Michigan, he suited up for this storied football powerhouse, a team that played to win...again..and again..and again. Dave played on three big 10 football championship teams.

It was, perhaps, the lessons he learned on the football field that have taught Brandon how to be successful off it. He is known at Domino's to be a "team builder extraordinaire" making decisions with the good of the whole in mind and working together to achieve result. His work ethic-defined under legendary Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler- is superb. In fact, each new year's eve, one of the company's busiest nights, Brandon works the line in a domino's shop. And after so many seasons in the huddle, Brandon also learned the value of good communication-A lesson he imparts daily at the company. After taking the helm at Domino's, for example, Brandon gave all of the company's store operators his personal e-mail address and phone number to ensure open, two-day communication.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored to introduce to you a superstar on the field and in the office, Chairman and CEO of Domino's Pizza..., David Brandon.