Finding Success in the Midst of Uncertanity

Welcoming Comments at ACBSP Reception

In your short time with us here at Webster we hope that you will come to an appreciation of our rich history, our accomplishments, our challenges and our aspirations. We look forward to your professional perception on where we are as a school and what we can do to build on our success. You will be given an insider perspective of this institution and as such we hope will gain an understanding and appreciation of our institutional journey and the notable accomplishments along the way.

Our decision to pursue ACBSP accreditation is a conscious one. We believe that the values of ACSBP are well aligned with our institutional commitment to continuous improvement. I submit to you that our successes cannot be gauged exclusively by inspecting only the road that we have chosen to travel but also by the road not chosen for travel. You will know us by who we are and respect us by what we are not.

On our 93 year journey we have travailed pioneering ideas that have impacted adult education as we know it. But we remain undeterred in our quest to continue the journey. You will find that Webster University's success has come from our ability to adapt in a transformational way in a world of uncertainty without losing our core values. We are grateful for your presence and will listen carefully to your feedback.

And so on behalf of President Meyers, Dr. Neil George, vice president of academic affairs, our students, faculty, staff and all our stakeholders…I say to you welcome to Webster University.