The Future Belongs to Those Who Can See It

Clark Davis
Higher Education Leadership Award
RBC Annual Meeting

It is my pleasure to be here tonight to honor the regional business council and to join in celebrating the leadership role that this organization played in establishing the higher education collaborative.

The RBC's success in aligning the 13 colleges and universities in the region deserves recognition. Tonight, I am honored to recognize a leader who exemplifies the belief that the most valuable commodity is not what we own but what we know – Clark Davis has played an extraordinary leadership role in the RBC. He is the intellectual architect in the development of the higher education collaboration.

Clark's commitment to education is exemplary. He chaired the higher education committee for 3 years; it was through his vision that the mentor network was established, growing from 36 to 80 students; it was as a result of Clark's dedication to lifting up others that the African American corporate network was founded and now has 35 African American students participating in the program. It is because of Clark Davis' that there are many, many more success stories of students who have decided to take advantage of employment opportunities in the region. We have all benefited from Clark's unwavering commitment. In fact, the student he mentored in 2004, Martin Kardos, a graduate of the university of Missouri is currently employed at Ken Stienback's company, CSI, and as you know is doing very well.

I believe that the greatest legacy that anyone can leave behind is evidence in the investment in the most profitable entity, people. Clark Davis epitomizes this attribute.

When the higher education initiative was launched two priorities were identified:

1. To encourage students to stay in the region after graduation and to seek careers in our local companies.

2. To send a clear message that our universities and colleges are one of our greatest assets.

Clark, with your leadership the higher education initiative continues to successfully exemplify these two priorities. Clark Davis, would you please come forward.

On behalf of the regional business council I'm pleased to recognize you and to express our gratitude to you for your commitment and selfless leadership of the regional business council and higher education initiative. Your contribution to RBC validates that the future belongs to those who can see it. We appreciate you. Congratulations.