The Greatest Challenge We Face

The School of Business and Technology is the largest provider of Business education in the nation today. Webster University graduates more diverse students than any other institution in America. Webster has more presence in more states than any traditionally based center of learning in America. Our worldwide network of campuses in Europe and Asia is providing hundreds of people a real opportunity to gain knowledge for real world success. Our pledge and mission is to transform lives to maintain a strong focus on student learning and to continue to develop and enhance our reputation for exemplary and reality-based education, by ensuring that we can validate our outcomes regardless of whether our students are studying in Louisville or Geneva. We have spent the last two years dedicated to ensuring our programs and in a sense validating that learning is indeed taking place.

But the critical question(s) are – Are we satisfied with where we are? Is there a sense of contentment that we can continue to do what we are doing and hope for better results? Our future rest on our commitment to continued assessment of all of our business programs and the establishment of student learning outcomes.

As we seek to move the School of Business and Technology toward ACBSP accreditation, it is important that we ensure that we don't get what we don't want because we've chosen the road of complacency and inaction. It's important that we don't jeopardize what we already have because we choose to operate in a comfort zone. The future rest on our ability to embrace the culture of assessment of learning.

I want to thank you for your unwavering commitment to Webster. May this holiday season bring you peace, and fulfillment.

Best Wishes.