The Prerequisite for Success

Welcome Address to New Graduate Students

I want to welcome you to Webster University. I hope the next few years will be a rewarding experience for you. We are glad you are here, and welcome you to the Webster worldwide family of 15,000 professionals in 104 locations, eleven foreign countries and online. I would like to take a few minutes to ask you some very pertinent questions.

Are you honest, smart, inquisitive and perhaps a bit skeptical – a decisive, assertive, focused straight-talker, who expects the people who support you to be the same?

Are you hungry for timely, useful, on-the-money thinking, and have no patience for rumor, gossip, speculation, fluff or hype?

Are you a creative thinker who is somewhat dismayed by the “dumbing down” and the “popularizing” of communications in business today?

Are you a manager who wants to develop leadership skills, a competitive go-to person who is willing to take chances (given the right input and circumstances)?

And – despite your success – you recognize that the pace and complexity of business today demand that you keep learning and questioning, refreshing your mind with new ideas and seeking new solutions.

If you are that person – or you want to be – you are at the right place.

At Webster we want you to come to the recognition that the degree in which you are about to pursue will give you the prerequisite to apply the advanced thinking to your own individual situation. It's the kind of knowledge that will enable your success.

I hope that you will gain something even more valuable than success here at Webster, may your receive the tools that will serve as the prerequisite for future success.

Again, I welcome you to Webster University.