Speeches and Presentations

A prolific writer and gifted motivational speaker, Dean Benjamin Akande is regularly invited to speak on topics concerning leadership, business and the economy.  In addition, he often addresses faculty, staff and students at the Walker School.  Browse highlights from some of Dean Akande's speaking engagements below. 


Innovation:  A Conversation with Benjamin Ola. Akande

Re-privatizing Russia's Economy

Ten Ways to Improve Your Networking

The Backbone of an Organization

The Future Belongs to Those Who Can See It


Commitment Versus Clarity

Consistency - Assessment:  The Roadmap

Finding Success in the Midst of Uncertanity

How to Keep From Being Flattened

On Apples and Trees


Rededicating Ourselves to Teaching

The First Pitch

The Greatest Challenge We Face

They're Not Employees, They're People

Webster:  A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Messages to Students

Forgiveness as a Leadership Competency:  Comments at Webster University’s 2014 Undergraduate Commencement

Finding Your Arch  Comments at Webster University’s 2014 Graduate Commencement

Courage to Live:  Comments at Webster University’s December Commencement

A Society Immune to Failure

Commencement - This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Commencement - Wanted:  Graduates Who Know How to Interview

Welcome Address to New Graduate Students - The Prerequisite for Success  

What is Your Value?  Comments at the New Student Reception


Bridge Over Troubled Water:  Address at the Navy League 

I Believe in You

Our Challenge

The Business of Education:  Whose Business is it?

The Reliever:  Overcoming Employment, Transition to Succeed

Time To Run Like You Own It

What Happened in Ocala?

Why Strategy Matters

Speaker Series Introductions

A Better Place because of David Steward

A Good Ole Boy Done Good: Introduction of Former Congressman, Kent Hance

A Season of Change - Introduction of Jerry Herman

Energizer:  Change Equals Results - Introduction of Ward Klein

Finding Our Arch:  Introduction to Tracy Campbell, Author of The Gateway Arch: A Biography

Living and Leading a Legacy - Introduction of Steve Maritz

Introduction of David Brandon

Introduction of Maxine Clark

Introduction of Michael Niedorff

The Power of One:  Introduction of Ambassador Nancy Brinker