What is Your Value?

Comments at the New Student Reception 

I heard the story of how Rex Smith's barn mistakenly burned down and his wife, Susan, called the insurance company. When they answered the phone, Susan explained to the insurance rep: “We've had our barn insured for over fifty thousand dollars for the first 20 years and it burned down last night. I want my money!”

The insurance agent replied, “Wait there, just a minute, Susan. You see, insurance doesn't work quite like that. We will send out an adjuster who will determine the value of what was insured. Then we will provide you with a new one of comparable worth.”

There was dead silence on the line. Finally Susan replied, “If that's the way it works, I want to cancel the insurance policy on my husband.”

This begs the question – what determines your value? Is it the size of your bank account? Perhaps it's how successful you are in your career. Could it be how popular you are or how many friends you have or how many people like you? If these are the factors that determine your value there are a lot of folks around who are not worth very much. They do not have many friends. They are not that popular because they do not fit in any of the previously mentioned descriptions .

Yet, you are valuable . In fact, you are very valuable to us and we thank you for choosing Webster University as your university for the next 4, 5, 6 or many years.

So what is your value? I believe your value emulates from your inner strength. It comes from the courage of your convictions, and the ability to see in yourself the value that you possess. I urge you to use your time here at Webster as the opportunity to build on your values to become tested and intellectually matured. May your actions align with your principles and value. I wish you a fruitful and enriching time at Webster and remember you are valuable to us.