Why Strategy Matters

Opening Comments at The 2008 School of Business & Technology All Faculty Meeting

The School of Business & Technology is at a very important juncture in our relatively short meteoric history. We are at a place where some tough decisions have to be made that will determine the future viability of our school. This will not be an academic exercise where we spend an inordinate amount of time arguing over how to divvy up the pie or how to make any changes painless and politically correct. This is the point at which we, as an organization, must decide on the degree of relevance and the extent to which we are willing to go to ensure that our survival as an institution is the most paramount thing on which we concentrate our resources.

We need bold thinking and ideas that lead to meaningful results. We must rethink tried and true processes which worked well for us for twenty years, but are now ill-equipped to handle the current reality. As we focus on the future it may require that we say a fond goodbye to programs that do not serve the continued success of the school. All of us need to underscore that we should be accountable to ensure the implementation of the future blue print for a new SBT. If we are going to be an institution that matters and not just a place to pick up a paycheck, we need a strategic plan that challenges us, one that is bold, creative and sustaining. Gary Hamel said it better that, "Most management systems and institutional processes almost reflexively favor perpetuation over adaptation."  We have to confront this reality or our institution will eventually become irrelevant. I am asking you to lend your collective voices to this conversation about the future.