Walker School: Mission and Goals

To develop skilled, innovative, and responsible leaders with a global perspective through a challenging, supportive, and dynamic academic environment.

Our Vision

The guiding vision of the WSBT is to be a premier institution of business education that enables real world success for students through an application-based curriculum and a supportive academic environment.

The WSBT believes in marrying theory to practice through well credentialed faculty with significant applied experience.  The result is a curriculum that gives our students the leverage they need to be effective problem solvers in today's global society.  The WSBT is committed to excellence in the preparation of students from diverse backgrounds to succeed in an increasingly globalized economy.

Our Values

The WSBT is committed to applied education and scholarship, recognizing the importance of connecting with industry and embracing the essence of ethics and social responsibility.  We adhere to the role of business as a positive force in society.  Our value points require the following: service, collaboration, responsibility, accountability, empowerment, global outlook and inclusion.  The values are emphasized through our focus on the following elements:

  • Create a student-centered environment accessible to individuals of diverse ages, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Sustain a personalized approach to education through small classes and close relationships between faculty and students
  • Develop educational programs that join theory and practice
  • Encourage creativity, scholarship and individual enterprise in students and faculty
  • Promote international perspectives in the curriculum and experiences for students and faculty
  • Encourage in its students a critical mind-set, a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and other's values
  • Educate diverse populations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally