WSBT Doctoral Program

Beyond Conventional

Today, the most innovative changes in the business world are created by people who think well beyond conventional wisdom. Webster University's doctor of management degree is designed to stimulate innovative thinking that leads to breakthrough accomplishments.

The Doctor of Management degree is a terminal degree designed to develop scholarly practitioners to meet the ever-changing, complex demands of business, government and education.  Webster University’s Doctor of Management, or D.Mgt., offers a viable alternative to the traditional Ph.D. and Ed.D.

The curriculum focuses on leadership, organizational change, and other strategic areas of management in a distinctive integrated approach that blends theory and practice. You'll become a “practitioner scholar” who designs, conducts, and successfully defends a doctoral research project in the areas of organizational development and leadership, using appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative research methods.

Webster's doctoral program encompasses a broad spectrum of theories and practices in organizational strategy, behavior and change. With this unique approach, you will develop the ability to critically evaluate and integrate fundamentally different concepts in solving real-world problems, and create new knowledge.

ACBSPThe Walker School of Business & Technology is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for BS, BA, MBA, MA, MS and doctoral programs in the Business and Management Departments. Please note that the BA Economics is not accredited at this time. The new MA Nonprofit Leadership program and the MS Forensic Accounting program are pending accreditation by ACBSP.

Complete DMgt Program Description

ACBSP provides specialized business accreditation, therefore programs housed in the Mathematics & Computer Science Department do not fall under this accreditation.

Course Catalog: Doctor of Management (DMgt)