Webster's Doctor of Management (DMgt) Program is taught by credentialed faculty, including those listed below.

AlAl Marcella, Ph.D.

Topics in Technology
Research Interests:  
     - Cyber forensics and cyber terrorism
     - Business recovery planning
     - Ethics and privacy
     - Establishing trust in e-commerce markets

JP Julie "J.P." Palmer-Schuyler, Ph.D.

DMGT 7750
Topics:  Advanced Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Research Interests:
     - Person-organization fit
     - Organization commitment
     - Individual difference variables, including recruitment and organizational attraction 

EceEce Tuncel, Ph.D.

Area:  Organizational Behavior
Research Interests:  
     - Negotiations and conflict management
     - Emotions in conflict management
     - Experimental and survey design

EricEric Rhiney, Ph.D.

DMGT 7800
Topics:  Survey Methodology
Research Interests:  
     - Attitude formation in international marketing
     - Ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism
     - Ethnic identity perceptions

Jeff HJeff Haldeman, Ph.D.

DMGT 7520
Topics:  Organizational Development and Change
Research Interests:  
     - Managerial coping mechanisms
     - How managers handle  disconfirmation of long-held beliefs
     - Shortcomings of rational models of organization
     - Action research

ChrisChris Risker, Ph.D.

DMGT 7180
Topics:  Qualitative Research Methods
Research Interests:  
     - Healthcare administration
     - Job satisfaction among caregivers
     - The relevance of management research for practicing managers

John OJohn P. Orr, Ph.D.

DMGT 7160
Topics:  Quantitative Research Methods
Research Interests:  
     - Trust in strategic alliances
     - Cross-cultural issues
     - Globalization of golf-related manufacturing
     - Quantitative research design

DougDoug P. O'Bannon, Ph.D.

DMGT 7450
Topics:  Strategic Management
Research Interests:  
     - Attack-defend-retreat theory
     - Dynamic competitive strategy
     - Prospective competitive advantages