Students and Alumni

GradThe Doctor of Management degree is designed for people who hold, or who aspire to hold, senior leadership or management positions in the public, private, higher education, and not-for-profit sectors.  Critical thinking skills, how to develop and manage high-performance teams, and how to analyze and evaluate organizations and their structures are all examples of what our graduates develop in the doctoral program.  


What Our Students Have to Say About the Program

Dozer"My experience in Webster University's Doctor of Management program was the highlight of my academic career. My interactions with the professors and my fellow students in the classroom left me so energized that I often had trouble sleeping after class. The doctoral program helped me look at organizations differently and provided me with the knowledge and skills to apply theory in a real world setting."   
- Dr. Brian Dozer, Adjunct Professor

Thomas“Leadership is a theory until you actually lead and have people who want to follow you. Webster’s DMgt program prepared me to lead and become an effective leader."Dr. Thomas Trice, Captain, Saint Clair County Sheriff’s Department


Linda Duke

“Making the decision to complete my Doctorate of Management degree from Webster University is a decision that has provided me the in-depth knowledge and expertise to push forward with both my personal and career goals.  The program provided extensive education and knowledge toward the various fields of management. The faculty are very knowledgeable and personable. This is a demanding, yet doable program that I highly recommend."  - Dr. Linda Duke, Associate Professor, William Woods University


"The DMGT program really was a life altering experience for me on a few levels.  First, the exposure to a variety of real world management concepts and applications presented in the classroom helped  sharpen my approach to leadership in my 'day job.'  Second, the cohort style of instruction assisted in increasing the vitality of peer to peer discussion while developing long lasting relationships with working professionals in the region.  The care and concern the faculty had for my progress through the program was punctuated by the extreme dedication my dissertation committee had in seeing my research reach completion. Finally, with degree in hand, my options increased considerably and ultimately led to a new position within the profession.  Without question, the DMGT program at Webster University prepared me for 'moving to the next level'." - Dr. Tom Hart, Director of Athletics, Berry College

Christopher“Obtaining my doctorate of management at Webster University was challenging after being deployed to Afghanistan but the support of the faculty enabled me to meet my goal of studying organizational culture and communication strategies of a private airline which then paved the way to becoming a consultant.”
- Dr. Christopher Gourdine, Retired Lieutenant, United States Army


Webster University also partners with organizations to deliver the DMgt program to employees via cohorts.  Organizations that have formed DMgt cohorts at Webster University for their employees include:

     - National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency
     - AmDocs
     - Bungee
     - Novus
     - St. Louis Convention & Visitors Bureau
     - Maritz Inc.
     - Booz Allen Hamilton
     - Scottrade
     - St. Louis Community College
     - Coca-Cola
     - St. Clair County Sheriff's Department