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Business and Organizational Security Management

Webster University’s Master of Art’s in Business and Organizational Security Management (BOSM) prepares students to meet the growing demands in this exciting career field. The program is designed to give maximum exposure to security management skills and to provide flexibility for the specific needs of the individual student. The content of the business and organizational security management program complements and assists the student in preparation for the Certified Protection Professional.

Today’s era of heightened vulnerability and risk to life and property are causing dramatic changes in the role of security personnel throughout business, industry, and government. To cope with increased risks on multiple fronts, today’s security managers need more training than ever before in the business and technical aspects of this highly specialized field. Demand for skilled managers with up-to-the-minute competencies in critical aspects of security, asset management, and emergency preparedness is skyrocketing and is predicted to climb steadily for the foreseeable future.

Webster University offers a comprehensive master's degree in business and organizational security management to graduate students and professionals at military bases, companies, and organizations across the country, in partnership with the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). ASIS is the premier international organization for security professionals and has more than 32,000 members worldwide.

Job Outlook

Upon degree completing a masters degree in Business and Organizational Security, 94.6% of our students find full time employment. 

Business and Organizational Security Management Academic Programs

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