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Doctor of Management Alumni Spotlight

Ghalib Saif Mohammed Al Hosni

Dr. Ghalib Saif Mohammed Al HosniDissertation Title:

A Qualitative Study of Career Planning Programs

Current Company and Title:

Oman Telecommunications Co SAOG (Omantel) - Vice President, Human Resources

In Their Own Words:

The Webster doctoral program helped me develop high level research skills and specialist knowledge for the benefit of my organization. This program also helped me make an impact across a broad range of business in addition to my functional specialization. One of the most critical skills that I have personally gained from this program is the ability to 'think outside the box' which helps me to identify opportunities and develop solutions to problems, contributing to new and/or improved systems and innovative ways of working. This in turn has at several times led me to generate enhanced efficiency and reduced overheads. In a way, the experience and skills I have achieved through the program have not just stopped with me but, the program has also taught me to spill over these skills to my team. I have been majorly involved in improving the problem solving skills of others, and helping them to think more creatively.

Daphne Banks, D.Mgt.

Daphne BanksDissertation Title:

The Relationship between Cognitive Relative Deprivation, Affective Personal Relative Deprivation, Emotional Intelligence, and Interpersonal Conflict Handling Styles

Current Company and Title:

Snyder's-Lance, Inc. - Sr. Manager, Category Insights

In Their Own Words:

Motivated by a passion for learning, I was initially drawn to the scholarship that pursuing a doctorate represented. Webster University's Doctor of Management program did not disappoint. The rigorous curriculum challenged me beyond knowledge attainment to independent thinking, critical assessment, and practical application. The lasting relationships I developed with experienced faculty and a like-minded yet diverse cohort of peers was an incalculable bonus. Earning my Doctorate at Webster University proved to be far more than an academic accomplishment. It was a truly transformative experience.

Aaron Black, D.Mgt.

Aaron BlackDissertation Title:

The Search for Calling: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Search for Calling

Current Company and Title:

Missouri Baptist University - Dean of Adult and Online Programs

In Their Own Words:

My Webster University Doctorate was invaluable to my career, from a credentialing standpoint and also a personal growth one. I learned a new way to think, analyze information, and ultimately how to create new knowledge. The new friendships, connections, and mentoring relationships are also an extremely valuable part of the program.

John Buck, D.Mgt.

John BuckDissertation Title:

Assessing the Decision Making Processes of Chief Housing Officers in Times of Crisis Through the Lens of Naturalistic Decision Making Theory

Current Company and Title:

Webster University - Associate Dean of Students and Director, Housing & Residential Life; Adjunct Full Professor

In Their Own Words:

The Doctor of Management program was professionally challenging and personally fulfilling on many levels. The thorough understanding I developed about the classic and emerging management and leadership theory influences my work every day, and the D.Mgt. credential has opened several doors of opportunity within - and beyond - my organization. The unique and applied nature of my dissertation research continues to provide opportunities to present and speak about my findings, which remain relevant within my profession. However, the most valuable part of the Doctor of Management program was experiencing it with a diverse cohort of colleagues, through whom we all gained a much deeper understanding of the entire curriculum. The community we formed provided an essential network of support and insight as we made our way through the dissertation phase of the program - and beyond.

Vanessa Davis, D.Mgt.

Vanessa DavisDissertation Title:

The Impact of Perceived Overqualification on the Relationships between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Current Company and Title:

bioMérieux, Inc. - Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist-LATAM/CA

In Their Own Words:

The Cohort Doctoral Program offered at Webster University is an amazing experience. The benefit of starting the program and continuing with a group of people that have the same ultimate goal not only gives you support and drives you but it can also foster long term friendships such as the one I have with my 2009 Cohorts!

Brian Dozer, D.Mgt.

Brian DozerDissertation Title:

The Relationship between Transformational Leadership, Public Service Motivation, and Employee Outcomes in Nonprofit Organizations

Current Company and Title:

Webster University Irvine Metro Campus - Director

In Their Own Words:

The Webster University DMGT program changed my life! While earning a Doctorate is not the easiest path one can choose, I learned while traveling it that the most meaningful and valuable experiences are the ones that challenge me and force me to change the way I view the world around me. My educational experience at Webster taught me that there are rarely simple, straightforward solutions to problems and situations. Solving the requires flexibility of thought, willingness to take risks and potentially fail, and the ability to marry our practical experience with current theory. I developed those skills while earning my Doctorate at Webster University.

Linda Duke, D.Mgt.

Linda DukeDissertation Title:

The Relationships between Collegiate DECA Commitment, Mentoring and College Students' Perceived Career Commitment

Current Company and Title:

William Woods University, Assistant Professor of Business

In Their Own Words:

Webster University's Doctor of Management program proved to be one of the best decisions I have made for my academic, personal, and professional growth and knowledge.

The program is rigorous and challenging which are elements that you would expect and desire in a doctorate program. The D.Mgt faculty are experts in their fields, very knowledgeable, approachable yet academically challenging.

A word of advice? Hang in there through the entire curriculum. It is well worth it. The dissertation is the best part of your experience with the program. During your dissertation process you apply all that you have previously learned, while continuing to acquire and employ that knowledge to the topic of your interest. Again...the dissertation is the best part.

Sandra Ehrlich, D.Mgt.

Sandra EhrlichDissertation Title:

Fund Development Assessment: A case study for nonprofit leadership and practitioners to analyze internal and external resources to chart strategic direction for fund development

Current Company and Title:

University of Alaska Anchorage - Associate Professor, Management & Marketing, College of Business & Public Policy

In Their Own Words:

Imagine a long corridor with several locked doors in front of you. Now, imagine you have been given the key to unlock these doors. The Webster University Doctor of Management program gave me the opportunity to open each of these doors one by one in a challenging and inspiring academic environment. As a former nonprofit executive and strategic planning and fund development consultant, one of the greatest gifts of the doctoral program was the paradigm shift in critical, innovative thinking that emerged. Interacting in real time with my cohort of peers led to a thought-provoking exchange of ideas, challenged my assumptions, and resulted in reframed leadership skills. Melded with theory, the integrated business experience of my professors engaged me to analyze, to critically evaluate, and to solve real-world problems. The Webster University doctoral program provided the key to open a pathway of opportunity, to unlock my potential, and to pursue my goal in the academic sphere. The lessons and best practices learned I now carry forward with me into academia. It is my fervent hope that I continue to challenge, inspire, and motivate my university business students to aspire to make a difference in the world. I am, and will remain, forever grateful for the challenges and opportunities for transformational personal and professional growth attained at Webster University through the Doctor of Management program.

Stephen Forsha, D.Mgt.

Stephen ForshaDissertation Title:

Psychological Coping Strategies, Their Relation to Satisficing and Optimizing, and Implications for Academic Dishonesty

Current Company and Title:

William Woods University - Assistant Professor and Program Manager, Online Undergraduate Business Programs

In Their Own Words:

The doctoral program at Webster University provided the opportunity to broaden my thinking from a theoretical and practical perspective and this experience challenged my pre-conceived notions of many areas in Management. In such a rigorous program, the support of faculty, staff and classmates is invaluable in completing the journey and this support was tremendous. The opportunity to collaborate with former classmates and faculty continues to this day which is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved with this program.

Aamir Ahmad Salaria

Aamir Ahmad SalariaDissertation Title:

Understanding the effects of cross-cultural sensitivity on service performance in the overhead material handling industry

Current Company and Title:

Harris-Stowe State University, Anheuser-Busch School of Business - Assistant Professor of Business Administration/International Business

In Their Own Words:

It was great to be a part of the famous and historic class of 2004 pertaining to a highly challenging but professionally satisfying "The Doctor of Management program" at Webster University and successfully completing it in about four years time.

The six core courses were eye-openers, brutal, grueling and onerous followed by the rough and tough "doctoral exam" passing of which was instrumental in changing our status from a "doctoral student" to a "doctoral candidate."

The five application courses after the doctoral exam helped to open a wide vista and in fact provided us a panoramic perspective which eventually contributed positively to complete our final dissertation, by far, the toughest, the most taxing and for sure the highly exhausting of all the paraphernalia involved in the entire process.

Nevertheless, the best adventure and most fun part of the doctoral program at Webster University was coming to know and make new and best friends, peers, pals, classmates, associates, colleagues and acquaintances stemming from diverse backgrounds, whose association we all treasure even today or maybe for the rest of our lives.

Gary Smith, D.Mgt.

Gary SmithDissertation Title:

The Relationships between Generation Y Job Seekers' Perception of Person-Organization Fit, Organization Image, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Attraction to the Organization

Current Company and Title:

Ste. Genevieve R2 HS - Business Education Teacher
Dragon's Lair Productions - Technical Arts Coordinator
Future Business Leaders of America Sponsor

In Their Own Words:

Webster University's Doctor of Management program was the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding academic endeavors of my life. The program enhanced me academically, professionally, and socially. Perhaps the greatest benefit was the program empowered me to change professions mid-life. This ability and willingness to change careers has been most beneficial, fulfilling and rewarding.

Thomas L. Trice, D.Mgt.

Thomas TriceDissertation Title:

Time of Career Commitment: A Social Cognitive Investigation of Law Enforcement Officers and the Relationship between Work-Family Conflict, Time of Career Commitment, Core-Self Evaluations and Organizational Commitment

Current Company and Title:

Lindenwood University - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice/Social and Behavior Sciences
TRIKEN Consulting, Polygraph and Investigation Services, Inc. - President/CEO and Founder

In Their Own Words:

Webster University Doctorate Program - Providing superior academic rigor; resulting in transformational leaders worldwide.