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Walker School: Business Department

At Webster University, you may pursue a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, master of arts, master of science, or master of business administration in strategic areas such as business, accounting, economics, finance, and business and technical writing. The business curriculum is designed by faculty in cooperation with local business leaders. The WSBT Advisory Board is comprised of corporate executives who advise faculty about the skills and knowledge they look for in future graduates. In this way, our curriculum is based on the real world, rather than just theory.

Business Academic Programs

Business Faculty

David Porras
Chair & Associate Professor

Rich Dippel
Assistant Professor

Baichun Feng
Assistant Professor

Steve Hinson
Associate Professor

Troy Luh
Associate Professor

Run Niu
Assistant Professor

Debbie Psihountas
Professor, Finance

Elizabeth Risik
Assistant Professor - Finance

Arnoldo Rodriguez
Associate Professor

Brad Scott

Sebastian (Bud) Bellomo
Adjunct Professor & Special Projects Coordinator

Ed Spillane
Professor Emeritus

Walker School Business Department: East Academic Building, 545 Garden Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119

Department Representative: Catie Deckman
EAB #320, Ph: (314) 246-7593,

Workflow Office Manager: Debbie Ray
EAB 324, Ph: (314) 246-7685,