Our commitment to teaching stands out at the Walker School.  It is made up of the integration we provide for our students by melding our exper­tise with others, the passion for research and discovery we have in our fields of study, the applica­tion of our knowledge outside the classroom and the emphasis we place on sharing what we have learned with a broader con­stituency through outreach, discipline and community engagement.

The Walker School of Business is made up of forward thinkers who, because they are people of accomplishment, do not let things happen to them. They are cata­lysts who make things happen. In just the past year 10% of our faculty published a book, 23% published professional articles in top journals, 49% presented before their peers at national and international conferences and 10% were then published in those conference proceedings.

They also share their expertise through the national and international media with interviews, appearances, and op/eds.  Most recently our professors have appeared in and on the New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, CBS, Fox News, NBC and Bloomberg television, just to highlight a few.

We invite you to meet and learn from the men and women at the Walker School.