SPICE'ing Up Business Strategy with Chess
MNGT 3100 / MNGT 5500 - A New One Credit Hour Course

presentersUndergraduate, graduate and non-degree seeking students are invited to enroll in the Walker School's new one credit hour course, SPICE'ing Up Business Strategy with Chess (MNGT 3100 / MNGT 5500 - section 04).  Presented by Grandmaster Susan Polgar and Professor of Strategy Doug O'Bannon, this seminar focuses on the key points of successful strategic thinking.  

By applying strategic thinking, as in the game of chess, you may become a better business student, business leader, manager or employee. Through chess and business concepts of movement and counter-movement, you'll gain business insight into competition and learn how to set up your best chance of "winning the game."  

Course Dates:
This two-day seminar will be held:

Friday, April 11 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Saturday, April 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m

Registration Information:
SPICE'ing Up Business Strategy with Chess is open to undergraduate, graduate and non-degree seeking students.  Follow the instructions below to register for this course.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students:  This course does not require any prerequisites. To register for SPICE'ing Up Business Strategy with Chess, visit the Connections website (under the student tab, “Student Academic Services” Channel).  Space is limited, so register today for MNGT 3100 / MNGT 5500.  

Non-Degree Seeking Students:  
The cost for non-degree seeking students to enroll in this two-day seminar is $150.  Non-degree seeking students will earn a Dean's Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of this seminar.  To register for SPICE'ing Up Business Strategy with Chess, please complete the Non-Degree Seeking Student Form.  A representative from the Walker School of Business & Technology will contact you for additional information upon the submission of this form.  

For questions about this seminar, contact the Walker School at 314-246-5951 or email deansbt@webster.edu