Executive Leadership Workshop

Exec Leadership WorkshopFrom banking to nonprofit, health care management, higher education and more, 25 executives representing a cross-section of industries received an educational experience of a lifetime at the Walker School’s leadership workshop, Raising Your Game and Driving Superior Performance. The week-long seminar, co-presented by faculty members from Webster University’s Walker School and Oxford University’s Saïd School of Business, challenged participants’ thinking about leadership, guided their leadership development and showed them how to maximize their impact on their organization.

Among the sessions presented, David Pendleton, Ph.D., chartered psychologist, Oxford University associate fellow and Webster University visiting professor, offered a new approach to leadership that asked participants to consider what they bring to leadership and what they need from others. Benjamin Ola. Akande, Ph.D., dean of the Walker School, facilitated a session on the power of purpose and shared strategies for connecting an employee’s passion with the organization’s mission and vision. Oxford University Associate Fellows Owen Darbishire, Ph.D., Jennifer King, Ph.D. and Richard Olivier presented sessions on decision-making, building teams, setting strategic direction and inspirational leadership.

Some of the top business leaders in St. Louis also facilitated sessions as part of the leadership development program. Bill DeWitt lll, chairman and managing partner of the St. Louis Cardinals, shared advice for managing star performers; Kevin Demoff, executive vice president of football operations and chief operating officer of the St. Louis Rams, discussed the need for creating an environment that nurtures and attracts talent; John Messman, leadership development director at Boeing Corporation, presented strategies for developing leaders; and Joan Magruder, St. Louis Children’s Hospital president, explained how the hospital balances the daily needs of its patients while remaining focused on the future of medicine and healthcare management.

“Two years ago I had the distinct honor to attend the High Performance Leadership Seminar at Oxford University, and the experience transformed me and enhanced my leadership capacity,” Akande said. “Thanks to our collaboration with a team of international educators and executives from the St. Louis business community, our seminar has provided participants with a remarkable leadership experience.”

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