Cybersecurity Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity Education | Webster University

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity Education

Center for Cybersecurity at Webster University

The mission of the Center for Cybersecurity at Webster University is to promote cyber education at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Center is home to the Cybersecurity Lab, located in the East Academic Building and to the Cybersecurity Academic Advisory Council (CAAC).

The Center is also a venue for collaboration between Webster University faculty, students, and community members on cybersecurity issues. Activities in the Center allow the University's cybersecurity program offering to remain current.

Our programs prepare students and professionals for demanding positions in public and private sectors overseeing, operating, or protecting critical computer systems, information, infrastructures, and communications networks from cyber crime, cyber fraud, and cyber espionage. Webster University students who complete an undergraduate degree with an emphasis in cyber security, a cybersecurity degree, or a graduate certificate program are able to effectively propose solutions to securing cyber networks and ensure online security.

Students will be well-versed to apply their knowledge and critical thinking related to domestic and international legal systems, private and public policies, and ethics, as they apply cybersecurity to:

  • Digital information protection
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Cyber fraud & theft
  • Cyber intelligence & counterintelligence
  • Digital forensics
  • Pre-emptive and strategic force operation application situations
  • Social engineering
  • Cloud security

Cybersecurity Academic Programs: