Students wishing to complete an internship as part of their undergraduate degree should be prepared to file all necessary paperwork a minimum of 1 term (8 weeks) in advance of the semester that they wish to receive the credit in.

Students should look to the Enrollment Procedures document when trying to determine effective ways to find and apply for an internship.

All Walker School of Business and Technology Internships should meet the following objectives:

  • Student will develop skill sets that allow them to marry their course of study to real-world applications.
  • Students will gain experience in development of business communications skills and intrapersonal relationship abilities.
  • Student will be able to use experience to enhance reference/records to enhance future employment opportunities.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the participating organizations formal functional activities.
  • Students will have opportunities to understand informal organizational relationships.


Students who wish to complete an internship while here at Webster University are highly encouraged to do so. Students will need to conduct a search for an internship, secure the internship and work with a designated faculty mentor in order to receive academic credit. Each of these steps provides a learning component for the student on their path toward a securing a successful internship position.

For students who are unsure of where to begin, the task can be daunting. We encourage you to use the checklist below to get started:

  1. Begin brainstorming about the kind of Internship you might like to land. Try to think about this experience not in terms of pay, but it terms of what level of experience you will gain and the value of that experience when you begin a job search.
  2. Search opportunities in the area and use resources such as the Career Planning and Development Center (CPDC)  in order to find out what companies are looking to hire students for internships. You may also utilize the SBT St. Louis Internship Opportunities section for this task as well.
  3. Research companies you think you might be interested in working for. Have a grasp of what the company is trying to accomplish and how you might see yourself fitting into those goals.
  4. Write or revamp your resume based on the type of position you think you might like to secure. You will want to utilize the resume writing tools found on the CPDC website.
  5. Conduct informational interviews with employees who hold positions you might wish to pursue upon graduation. These interviews should be used to gain insight into the corporate culture as well as provide excellent networking opportunities.
  6. Begin application process for internships that interest you.
  7. Set up an appointment with the Career Planning and Development Center to polish your interviewing skills and resume.
  8. Begin interviewing for internships.

Each stage above will help a student prepare to effectively search for future employment. Gaining a competitive edge in resume writing, interviewing, networking, etc. will help to insure a student's future success.

Good luck on your search!


Meet with appropriate department internship coordinator to determine the eligibility of the internship you have secured. Remember, once you have been approved for an internship you will need to submit all internship documents to the appropriate department contact.

The maximum amount of internship credit allowed by both Business and Management Departments is 6 hours. Students of the Math and Computer Science Department may be eligible for more, but will need to meet with their designated internship coordinator in order to determine requirements.

Internships must be registered for and completed within the dates that the credit is awarded. All tuition fees for internships must be paid within University deadlines.


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