Hire a Walker EDGE Intern

The Walker EDGE provides domestic and multinational companies the opportunity to hire both local and global interns who are qualified, efficient, diligent and highly-motivated.  Students interns come from a variety of cultural backgrounds.  Many are based in St. Louis, others are F-1 international interns studying in St. Louis and still more are from Webster's international campuses and international partner universities.

Have an internship opportunity available?  Contact: Rebecca Spear, Director Corporate Partnership Engagement & Global Internships at 314-246-6912 or rebeccasp73@webster.edu. Email your internship to us at walkeredge@webster.edu to recruit Walker EDGE students directly.

Walker EDGE Interns are:

  • Innovative: Walker students will provide new perspectives on organizational issues and fresh, new ideas.
  • Technical: Walker students possess knowledge of the newest technology, ranging from social media to mobile computing applications.
  • Prepared: Walker students complete professional development activities and/or courses prior to beginning internships to ensure professional preparedness.

Why Hire a Walker EDGE Intern?

Walker EDGE interns can assist companies with:

  • Recruitment: An internship provides a valuable opportunity to assess a student's potential as a future full-time employee.
  • Project Management: Walker students can assist with completing projects that would otherwise go unfinished.
  • Brand Promotion: Walker students serve as brand advocates for their host companies.

Walker EDGE Global Interns

Walker EDGE global interns come from our network of international campuses in countries such as Austria, China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.  

  • Global interns participate in eight to twelve-week internships during the summer.
  • Visas are processed through the Walker EDGE; no additional paperwork required from your organization.
  • More than 500 international interns have been placed since 1980.

Why Hire a Walker EDGE Global Intern?

  • Participants are carefully screened and interviewed by Walker EDGE staff to ensure qualified candidates.
  • Résumés are provided directly to internship hosts with telephone or Skype interviews arranged.
  • A global intern brings diversity to an organization and builds rapport and respect with current and potential clients.
  • For companies expanding into new countries, hiring a global intern can aid in developing local talent to drive growth in those markets.


The Walker EDGE mission is to empower students to achieve success by providing opportunities for creative, comprehensive and global professional experiences and by cultivating beneficial partnerships and connections among students, employers and the Webster University community.