Walker EDGE Internships

Walker EDGE provides students the opportunity to gain practical professional experience through Local internships. In order to gain access to Walker EDGE developed internships, students are required to complete professional development work designed to support and empower a successful internship search. Upon completion, students benefit from access to exclusive internship opportunities and the chance to interact with potential employers and corporate connections.

Participating in an internship may also allow for academic credit. For more information on applying for internship credit, visit the Walker School's Internships for Credit page.  

Local Internships

Participating in a local internship allows students to gain practical experience and make valuable connections.  The Walker EDGE staff has partnered with many companies in the St. Louis area to develop internship opportunities.

Students gain exclusive access to apply for these internship opportunities after completing one or more of the following:


Participants in a Walker EDGE Local Internship will gain:

  • Connections to Webster Corporate and Walker EDGE Partners 
  • Valuable professional experience, essential in today's job market
  • Better understanding of corporate and business culture
  • Opportunity to build professional skills and industry knowledge
  • Opportunity to build professional contacts
  • A competitive EDGE in future career endeavors


Internships take place throughout the year.

Need more information?  Visit our FAQ page.